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Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

MHAPA works to instill "principles that facilitate recovery and resiliency of individuals and their families, through advocacy, education, and public policy." This issue of The Newsfeed focuses on two key pillars of mental health recovery: sharing—and celebrating—the experiences of people who are in recovery and providing equitable access to health care coverage that includes mental health services.

The I’m the Evidence/Mental Health Campaign's Faces of Mental Health Recovery Public Art project (FoMHR) brings people together to tell their recovery stories through photography. The subsequent exhibition features beautiful portraits and the personal stories of these men and women. If you can get to Perry County, where the project launched in October, by November 22, visit the exhibition in person! Otherwise enjoy the photos and look for FoMHR to come to a community near you.

MHAPA is also part of the national effort to make health care coverage more equitable for people with mental illness through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Although the Marketplace has had a well-publicized rocky start, we are confident that once the system is fully effective, it will help people who live with mental illness get coverage for critical treatments and services that were once marginalized in health insurance plans. 

In the spirit of the coming holiday, we are thankful to be part of these two initiatives that are helping MHAPA advance our mission to promote recovery.

Best for a peaceful holiday season.

Sue Walther
Executive Director

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