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Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Recently, MHAPA has begun moving away from talking about stigma and mental illness, choosing instead to focus on the uplifting message of mental health recovery: that with hope, example, and support people can and do recover from mental illness. Of course, stigma is still very real and very devastating. We believe that recognizing and raising awareness about mental health recovery can transform negative attitudes in powerful ways.

Since its launch in 2011, MHAPA's I'm the Evidence/Mental Health Campaign (ITE/MH) has grown and evolved, engaging more Partners, Ambassadors, and communities in efforts to promote recovery. We are so excited about one of these efforts—the Faces of Mental Health Recovery Public Art Project—that we've dedicated this summer edition of The Newsfeed to it and to asking for your support of all ITE/MH activities.

Developed in partnership with Kara Newhouse, a very talented artist and committed activist, Faces of Mental Health Recovery empowers people in recovery to tell their deeply personal stories through photography and written testimonials. The project launches this fall in Perry County, during Mental Illness Awareness Week. Learn more here.

To us, Kara thoroughly embodies everything the Campaign stands for—she is the Evidence that taking one step begins a journey. Please join us on this journey to recognize the faces of recovery across the state and celebrate recovery everywhere.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sue Walther
Executive Director

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