MHAPA seeks to educate employers and employees on mental health issues in order to eliminate the stigma and discrimination that exist in many workplaces.

A supportive work environment, free from stigma and discrimination, is good for employees.  It’s also good for business. According to Mental Health America, more than 90 percent of employees agree that mental health and personal problems can affect their performance at work. In fact:

  • Mental health conditions are the second leading cause of people missing work, and the RAND Corporation reports that depression results in more “bed” days than many other medical ailments, including ulcers, diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis.
  • Every year, untreated and mistreated mental illness costs the United States $150 billion in lost productivity, and businesses cover as much as $44 billion of this bill.
  • Workplace stress results in approximately 1 million employees missing work each day.

It’s also true that people who treatment for workplace or mental health issues experience substantial improvement in work performance. MHAPA aims to help employers identify problems, offer resources to employees, and, overall, cultivate a supportive work environment.

Learn more:

Download MHAPA’s Employer Guide, which details how a supportive environment can benefit business by reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity and attracting a diversified workforce. We also offer a guide targeted directly at providers.