1. It’s an easier way to shop for health insurance. The Marketplace gathers the options available in your area in one place. With one application, you can compare plans, and explore any free or low-cost programs you may qualify for.

2. Most people can get a break on costs. When you use the Marketplace you may be able to get lower costs on your monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs. When you fill out your Health Insurance Marketplace application, you’ll find out how much you can save. Most people who apply will qualify for some kind of savings.

3. It gives you control over your options with clear comparisons. In the Marketplace, information about prices and benefits is written in simple language. You get a clear picture of what premiums you’d pay and what benefits and protections you’d get before you enroll. Compare plans based on what’s important to you, and choose the combination of price and coverage that fits your needs and budget.

4. It’s increasing access to mental health and drug and alcohol abuse services. Health insurance plans on the Health Insurance Marketplaces must cover mental health and substance use disorder services.

5. New protections are included. Because of the law, health plans must now cover preventive services like depression screening for adults and behavioral assessments for children at no cost. And starting in 2014, most plans won’t be able to deny you coverage or charge you more due to pre-existing health conditions, including mental illnesses.


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