MHAPA is one of 142 organizations that signed onto PA Health Access Network’s (PHAN) protect Medicaid letter to Senators Toomey and Casey. The letter’s key message:

“Our organizations write to express our strong opposition to legislative proposals, such as the American Health Care Act (AHCA), that would cause millions to lose their health care. In particular, we are deeply troubled by proposals that would undermine state Medicaid programs by capping federal funding on a per capita (or block grant) basis and phase out the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion.”

This letter is just one step in what needs to be an increased and persistent effort over the next few weeks to speak out against AHCA and any proposal that would undermine or eliminate Medicaid. Medicaid is the single largest payer of mental health and addiction treatment services in the country—paying 25 percent of all mental health care and 20 percent of all addiction treatment services. And in a time when opioid addiction is a national public health epidemic we can’t afford to lose Medicaid support.

It is likely that on the Senate will vote on the AHCA, as it is now or as they are amending it to be, by the end of June and before Congress goes on recess in August.

We need all hands on deck to help drive the message to Toomey, in particular, that the AHCA is NOT GOOD for his constituents and that voters across the state need visibility into whatever changes to the bill the Senate is working on.

Act today:

  • Generate constituent calls, letters, and social media contacts: The last thing we want is for target Senators to hear silence on proposed changes to health care! According to some reports, constituent contacts continue to lag compared to earlier in our campaign. Our Senators need to hear a renewed flood of energy from us this week via phone, letters, and social media. Please join in the #MeetMedicaidPA campaign.
  • Ramp up public facing tactics: Now is the time to make some NOISE! We want to keep the narrative against the AHCA as strong as possible. This week starting on June 22nd impacted individuals across the state will hold 24 hour vigils at Senator Toomey’s district offices. Stay tuned for more details. If you would like to offer support and participate in these events please email
  • Highlight key constituencies: Focusing on vulnerable populations served by Medicaid is one way to leverage our most effective Medicaid messages (see below email and attached for more information.) Whether you choose to host a press conference with speakers from consumer advocacy groups and diverse consumers, organize a call-in day with a focus on people with disabilities or older adults, or work with partner organizations to request meetings with your target Senators, we ask you to continue to activate new voices in support of Medicaid.
  • Share key message on per capita caps: Federal oversight of Medicaid dollars guarantees that the most vulnerable Americans—including children, seniors, and people with disabilities from low-income communities– continue to get the care they need.
  • Advocate with House targets: While the Senate is the highest priority we need to look toward the forthcoming House vote. Congressmen Fitzpatrick, Meehan, Costello and Dent will continue to remain critical votes. This means continuing to reinforce accountability for members’ prior votes and a renewed push to emphasize that constituents remain opposed to the AHCA and its negative effects on individuals and state budgets.